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I suppose I have to end my writing strike now. I've never been really good at keeping my thoughts confined for a long time. (I'm really disappointed in Josh, nice as his entry was. ;) He's got to update for himself, because I won't be helping next time.)

I was talking to Ben earlier, just as the sky opened up. I went out into the rain. The drops fell around me, dancing around my feet, braided themselves in my hair, forming a glistening crown. The drops on my skin melded together and felt like light silk against my skin.

Reading Franny and Zooey for no real reason. I think I'd like to head to a café late at night with a pack of cigarettes and order a chicken sandwich and smoke so much that I grow dizzy from the fumes.

I should go clean up.

When it rains, it rains so slowly in the city where I'm from.
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