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There are 100 people that have friended me. Which is not as impressive as Ben's 100 or 103 entries or whatever he's celebrating, but it makes me happy, so there. :-* Apparently Avril's drummer has deemed me appropriate reading material. I'm not too sure about that. I just write about what I know. First step in good journal-keeping.

I think I'm going to go see The Day After Tomorrow, because after finding how that Jake Gyllenhaal AND Dennis Quaid AND Sela Ward are in this film, who would be able to resist it? :-* I don't want to go alone, though, so I'm probably going to end up roaming the streets of LA looking for a date. I can promise good company and I'll even pay for you. We can get silly and buy as much candy as we want and get sick on it.

I've been hearing good things about Modest Mouse. Why haven't we seen any of them around here? I think they're just lazy living off the success of their album. I'd be, too, if I could make music like they do. (Then again, I have to rely on my beauty and winning personality to make my way in the business. ;) Just kidding.)

Finished Franny and Zooey and I'm reading The Lovely Bones again. This book is breathtaking and heartbreaking and completely beautiful. I've already cried about four times and I'm not even halfway through. I love the fact that I can come back to something and it has the same effect on my every time.

I need new icons.

edit: Now it's 102 never mind. :-[
edit 2: And now it's 103. Yay. I feel the love.
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