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It's been too long. I stopped keeping track of the days I didn't wake up to your laugh a while ago. It was worth it to hop on a plane and surprise you. The look on your face when you opened the door and found me standing outside your hotel room was more than I could have hoped for. Spending the evening recommitting each other to memory, lips and eyes and hands until the sun rose above the horizon and bathed the room in a golden light.

You're still sleeping as I write this, on your stomach, one arm outstretched over the place where I had been laying beside you moments before. Dark curls of hair in your eyes, back rising and falling with each steady breath. The sheet arranged just so over your body. If I stretch out just so, my fingers will grace over the muscles of your arm. You'll stir, and I'll abandon this to crawl back into bed with you as your mouth claims mine again.
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