Navi Rawat (n_rawat) wrote,
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'cause every day since then you have been gone.

Last night, I went for a walk with my camera and took a few pictures. The sunset against the Hollywood letters. A young woman brushing a strand of blond hair behind her ear, forever captured in that lingering pose, eyes hidden behind sunglasses covering half her face. A discarded map lying against the pavement, pages stirring in the hot winds. It's almost oleander season, the season of the blood-red sun. I could smell the scent of cigarettes and spices on the air, a poisonous yet intoxicating mix that lingered on my clothes long after I had left.

Sheets caressing my bare skin as my head meets the pillow. The soothing sound of Bach on a record player on the balcony of the apartment across from mine. He always plays Bach on Thursdays. Tomorrow I'll drift off listening to Schytte, and Mozart the evening after. It's a bittersweet melody, the love I have for the music, and the even stronger desire to fall asleep to your voice instead.
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It's amazing the places people can find muses and artwork. Even just walking down Hollywood Boulevard.
It's gorgeous in the late evening, just before the sun goes down. Something one can only experience in person.
There's reasons I still live in Los Angeles and the sunsets are one of them.
I can understand why. Though I've always found that sunsets can be best enjoyed with others.

I'm considering moving here permanently.
I agree. Sunsets are definitely more enjoyable with company. You should see the view from my condo balcony.

You should. It's a wonderful place (and I'm not being biased).

Busy? I was thinking maybe we could get some ice cream.
I'm sure it's much better than mine. I have to go up to the roof, but it's truly amazing. It's like you're surrounded in colors.

Considering it.

I'm actually bored as hell, due to the fact that one of my shows didn't get picked up as a pilot and I haven't made any plans before filming begins for season two of The O.C.

In short? I'd love to.
It's like you're in your own painting.

If you need convincing, let me know.

Sorry to hear your show didn't get picked up. Being out of work would suck, even if it is only for a few months.

Good. I'll call you for directions in a minute.
Just about. I wish I could paint. My walls would be covered in the art.

Maybe tonight. I need someone to talk to about decisions.

Sometimes you need that period of rest, but I hope it doesn't go on forever.