Navi Rawat (n_rawat) wrote,
Navi Rawat

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'cause every day since then you have been gone.

Last night, I went for a walk with my camera and took a few pictures. The sunset against the Hollywood letters. A young woman brushing a strand of blond hair behind her ear, forever captured in that lingering pose, eyes hidden behind sunglasses covering half her face. A discarded map lying against the pavement, pages stirring in the hot winds. It's almost oleander season, the season of the blood-red sun. I could smell the scent of cigarettes and spices on the air, a poisonous yet intoxicating mix that lingered on my clothes long after I had left.

Sheets caressing my bare skin as my head meets the pillow. The soothing sound of Bach on a record player on the balcony of the apartment across from mine. He always plays Bach on Thursdays. Tomorrow I'll drift off listening to Schytte, and Mozart the evening after. It's a bittersweet melody, the love I have for the music, and the even stronger desire to fall asleep to your voice instead.
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